Pull ups is one of the best upper body compound exercise which majorly trains the entire back, some parts of shoulders, fore arms, chest, abdomens etc. Pull ups are one of the best exercises for strength development on entire upper part.

           Lat pull downs are also the most effective back exercise to develop a wider and stronger back and lats.
Different lat pull down variations:

                                       Standing t-bar row is one of the easiest and most effective back workout which gives different muscle activation with different variation. This set is usually done in just two variations, if the grip is close, it activates the middle or center back and if the grip is wide, it activates the lateral part of back or the lats.

                           Deadlifts are the most effective exercises for strength development. It is a compound exercise and activates a large number of muscles at a time. While performing deadlifts entire back, hamstrings, arms, shoulders gets activated. In simple words, it activates the entire major muscles of the body from lower to the upper. There are many variations in deadlifts.

                                           Bentover is also a very effective compound exercise which activates many muscles at a time. It mainly activates the entire back, arms, legs. It would be better if performed in the middle or in the starting time of your workout. It is very beneficial but with equal risk as proper form for this set is very important and proper position of lower back is very important.


This exercise has many variations. Some of the most common and effective lat pull down variations are:

Wide grip lat pull down: Wide grip is best in increasing the width of the back and for overall back strength.

Behind the neck lat pull down: This set is most suited for those who have stronger shoulders and do not suffer with shoulder or neck injuries. This variation is performed by holding the rod and taking it to the back of the neck not too deep correspondingly squeezing and relaxing the entire back. This variation has more risk to injuries.

V-bar pull down: This exercise usually trains the middle back or center of the back, still training your lats. This set is very useful in strength training.

Reverse close grip lat pull down: In this, the lat pull down bar is hold with the palm finger grip facing you and close grip is best suited for this exercise. It is similar to how we grip in chin ups. This exercises activated the center of the back and lattissimus dorsi portions.


1. Barbell bench press for chest:
                      Bench press for chest has many variations concentrating and squeezing different regions of chest such as: Flat bench press for middle chest region, Incline bench press for upper chest region and Decline bench press for lower chest regions.

incline barbell bench press
decline barbell bench press

plane barbell bench press

2. Dumbbell press for chest:
                             Dumbbell press for chest also has many variations which includes working of upper, lower and middle chest same as barbell bench press. Plane bench dumbbell chest press for middle chest, Incline dumbbell chest press for upper chest and Decline dumbbell chest press for lower chest.

plane bench dumbbell chest press

incline bench dumbbell chest press
3. Machine butterfly for chest:
                                       It is a very useful exercise for chest as it provides proper shape to the chest. It increases your chest size and reduces the flabbiness. Butterfly machine focuses on almost every part of chest.
machine butterfly for chest

4. Weighted chest dips:

                                   It is the most killer exercise for chest. Most of the time the beginners, or who are not usually used to this exercise find it very difficult to perform. But this exercise is one of the most effective chest exercises and activates the side chest muscles.
weighted chest dips

5. Chest cable flys:

                                 This exercise is very beneficial in pumping your entire chest from every angle and range. Different angle of this sets emphasizes different parts of chest, that is, upper, middle and lower. The upward angle emphasizes the upper chest, the lower angle emphasizes the lower chest and middle angle emphasizes the middle chest.
chest cable fly


Most of the latest gymmers and bodybuilders are very tensioned that they cannot feel/experience the growth or muscle gain in spite of continuously exercising and working out. So, what is the actual reason; it can be, they don’t care proper form or they don’t have muscle mind connection or not practicing progressive overload. Challenging yourself would be the most important key point in bodybuilding for progressive results.
One of the most common reason for not achieving good results is performing the same routine, same exercises and with same sets ,reps and volume everyday in the gym, is it not so boring. Most of the beginners fear lifting heavy or increasing the weight from which he had done last because of pain and uncomfortability during recovery period. When you fell pain remember you are progressing.

So, in this article I am going to discuss the most common mistake which decline the achievement of required result, that is, progressive overload.
Progressive overload is one of the most important technique which can be and is used to make better size gain and strength development. It is similar to challenging yourself with greater risk to your next level every time.

What is progressive overload?
This technique simply states that in order to make muscle gains and strength development just increase the work done by the muscles or make the particular muscles work harder than the last time. As human beings become harder and stronger by the experiences. These are also called resistance training.

Let’s assume you are performing plane bench chest press and you lifted 20 kgs in your first set. Hence, your chest will grow to this extent and is capable of experiencing the muscle stress produced by this weight. So, know are you going to lift the same weight in the next set or what?
If you lift same weight, it becomes useless hence no gains. You need to lift heavier than the last sets and more heavier in the next set and correspondingly.
This is actually what is progressive overload or resistance training.

Progressive overload has many advantages including, proper muscle gains, strength development, fat loss, body shredding, etc.

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Get better results in the beginning of your bodybuilding career by the help of this article prepared by proper observation and examination of most common problems faced by the beginners in starting their bodybuilding journey. Because of the beginners have no knowledge or very less knowledge about bodybuilding and how to start their training plan, i prepare this article. Most of the beginners decide to join a gym or decide to start working out with a proper motto and reason but having a lack of knowledge about it makes him demotivated and he usually tend to leave without being started properly.

Hence, if you are a beginner or new to the world of working out and gymming then my blog support you with all the knowledge and articles which would help in tackling the problems created by less know about dieting and workout plans. If you don’t have any mentor or any partner or friend to help you with all the gym know abouts then my blog can make you good enough and achieve your goals for which you decided to join a gym….

So, here is the best workout plan you can follow in the first phase of your bodybuilding journey.
Normally, in the beginning one needs to concentrate on learning the proper form of different exercises and developing strength to different major body parts such as, shoulders, four arms, lower back, etc.

Working out maximum five days a week can be the most beneficial training program for beginners.
These five days you are going to train different major body parts separately, that is,
Monday- Chest
Tuesday- Back
Wednesday- Arms
Thursday- Shoulders
Friday- Legs
Saturday and Sunday- Rest

Here are the exercises that you can perform for training particular parts on their appointed days:


1. Push ups- 4 sets with at least 10 reps (maximum in numbers if seems difficult)
2. Barbell chest press- 4 sets from lightest weight for the person with increasing weights to heaviest he can lift.
3. Dumbbell chest incline bench press-4 sets with increasing weight.
4. Dips for chest on dip station- 4 sets.


1. Chin ups- 4 sets
2. Front lat pull downs- 4 sets with increasing weights.
3. Seated cable rows- 4 sets with increasing weights.
4. Hyper-extensions – 4 sets.


1. Barbell bicep curls- 4 sets with increasing weights.
2. Dumbbell biceps curls- 4 sets with increasing weights.
3. Hammer curls- 4 sets with increasing weights.

1. Triceps pushdowns- 4 sets with increasing weight.
2. EZ bar skullcrusher- 4 sets with increasing weights.
3. One arm dumbbell triceps extension- 4 sets with increasing weight.

In case you don’t have much time on arms day you can perform some of your arms exercises on other days also..


1. Barbell shoulder press: 4 sets with increasing weight.
2. Dumbbell shoulder press- 4 sets with increasing weight.
3. Dumbbell Lateral side raises- 4 sets with increasing weight.
4. Dumbbell front raises- 4 sets with increasing weight.


1. Barbell squats- 4 sets with increasing weight
2. Leg press- 4 sets with increasing weight.
3. Dumbbell Lunges- 4 sets with increasing weight.
4. Calf Raises

I would be performing many more workout plans for you in the coming time stay tuned…….

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First of all, what is a steroid? It is a drug, yes, a medical drug. A steroid is a biologically active organic compound. A steroid is not a dietary product. Steroid is a very dangerous product and has so many side effects.
So, if someone recommends you for taking steroid, first confirm if he holds some medical degrees or has done his studies in medical sciences. A trainer can be a sports trainer if he holds a sports trainer certificate, he can be a sports nutritionist if he holds a nutritionist certificate. Therefore, the professionals from a particular field can only recommend the stuffs from his field only. A trainer cannot recommend a medical stuff or drugs in which he don’t have any knowledge.
A drug can only be recommended by a person who has better knowledge and certificates in medical sciences.

Like every drug, steroids also have a lots of side effects. So, be careful before taking it. If someone suggests to take steroids never believe or accept unless he holds any medical certifications. And you can meet a doctor or medical associate or MD holder, in regards to it and discuss either to take or not. If a trainer or sports nutritionist recommends steroids then ask him to design your nutrition chart and your workout chart rather than recommending for taking steroids.

Now a days, taking steroids has been considered a shortcut to bodybuilding but it is not really. Taking steroids provides more harm than benefits.

Without doctor recommendation it should not be taken as it can be very risky.
Only a sports trainer who holds medical degrees such as , MD, Dr.MuD, etc… can recommend taking of steroids to their clients.

BE Careful……..


Aerobic exercises are physical exercises of low to high intensity that primarily depends on the aerobic energy generating processes. Aerobic literally means involvement of excess oxygen to fill up the quick energy requirement by the body during exercises via aerobic metabolism.

Normally, these exercises can be performed from low intensity to gradually increasing the intensity.
The best examples of aerobic exercises are medium to long distance running or jogging, swimming, cycling and walking. These exercises are well known for increasing the cardio muscular activities and hence increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic exercises:

These two types of exercises generally differ by the duration and intensity of muscular contractions involved, as well as by how energy is generated within the muscle.
According to the recent researches both aerobic and anaerobic exercises promote the secretion of myokines, which provides benefits including growth of new tissue, tissue repair , and various anti-inflammatory functions, which in turn reduces the development of various inflammatory diseases.
Myokines are usually secreted due to muscle contraction.

Aerobic exercises stimulates the heart rate and breathing to increase but not so much that one can’t sustain. Aerobic means “with oxygen” and anaerobic means “without oxygen”. Anaerobic exercise is the type where you get out of breath in just a few moment, for example, lifting heavy weights, sprinting, or climbing a long flight of stairs.

While dancing, swimming, biking, walking, kick-boxing, performing cardio using machines in gym(treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc) are the examples of aerobic exercises; but they can be anaerobic if they are performed very intensely.


Aerobic exercises have a large number of benefits. According to the researches, Aerobic exercises holds the greatest number of benefits as compared to any other types of exercises. The different benefits of aerobic exercises are:
– Habitual practice of these exercises may lead to gradual increase in total number of red blood cells in the human body, facilitating better transport of oxygen throughout the body.
– It results in improved mental health, also helps in reducing stress and reducing the incidence of depression.
– It also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes as performing aerobic exercises may lead to decrease in fat level.
– Aerobic exercises also helps in improving circulation efficiency and reducing blood pressure.
– It also helps in strengthening the muscle involved in respiration.
– Performing aerobic exercises can also helps in increasing body flexibility and strengthening the muscles involved in performing these exercises, for example, legs and core being trained while running, cycling and cardio exercises.
– Aerobic exercises also helps in increased storage of energy molecules such as fats and carbohydrates within the muscles.
– It also helps in increasing the ability of muscles to use fats during exercises.
– Aerobic exercises also helps in lower muscular development, for example, thigh growth by cycling.

Most of the aerobic exercises involves full body workout rather than isolated workouts.


Proper from is very essential for success in any type of fitness actions. Either it can be sports training, endurance training, strength training, muscle building, etc, proper form for each and every exercise is very important. Without proper it is useless to perform any exercise, in some cases improper form may lead certain damage or serious injuries to your body parts. Basically, it is the quality of training that influences your progress, more than the quantity.

When it comes to working out quality is more important than quantity. How you lift, how to run, how you perform cardio exercises may mean the difference between going harder and getting sidelined. Beginners should prefer to devote time for learning proper form. Perfecting form can ultimately result in better performance, conservation of energy and can lead to positive results. It can also prevent you from injuries.

We can understand proper form by the study named Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non human body movements basically explains physiological, biochemical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movements.


1. Letting your knees out or in:
 This mistakes usually takes place when we perform squats. This mistake can be prevented by keeping your knees in line with your second toes. Though foot position may vary depending on your training goal, make sure you keep your training goal, make sure you keep your knees tracking over toes to reduce joint stress.

2. Hunching your back:
  This mistake usually takes place when you perform deadlifts. This can be corrected by holding your spine in a neutral position with keeping your back flat and can minimize the risk of spinal injuries.

3. Straining your neck:
   This takes place while performing pull-ups. Its tempting to stretch your neck or kick your legs in an attempt to clear the bar, but you won’t get the full benefits of a pull-up that way. To correctly perform the movements, start from a dead hang and use your arms, back and core to raise your body.

4. Moving your elbows:
  This takes place while performing biceps curls. Gymmers sometimes choose a curl weight that is too heavy and end up with wandering elbows- this is incorrect. For a proper biceps curl, you need to keep your elbows tucked in at your sides. Hold your elbows in place as stationary pivot points as you curl your forearms up to your chest and back down.

5. Heel striking:
   This takes place during running. It is when your heel is the first part of your foot to hit the ground in your stride. The high impact of heel striking can cause discomfort and even injury over time. Instead, you want to land on your mid-foot with your striking foot falling right below your hips.

6. Bending back your wrists:
   This takes place when we perform bench press. To decrease stress on your wrists, hold your wrists in a neutral position under the bar, keeping them in line with your forearms.

7. Flaring your elbows:
   This mistake usually takes place while performing rows for back. For a proper row, you don’t need your elbows jutting out to the sides. Instead, tuck them close to your body so they slide past your sides with every repetition.

These are the most common mistakes made by beginners in their  training. Hence, i prepared this article so that you can easily prevent this common mistakes………



A mind that is not under control is a mind that always makes mistakes, specially those that could prevent you from winning. For example, high level of stress can decrease your ability to maintain focus and concentration.
Many athletes during their training face several challenges such as, anxiety, depression, stress ,inability to maintain focus, sleep difficulties, confidence, etc which are usually at mental level.
Hence, at this point, meditation serves as a very important tool for the athletes to remain normal and focused.

While physical training is always a key component in the athletes preparation, the importance of mental conditioning and preparation should not be forgotten, especially the level of mental condition that can be achieved through the practice of meditation.

Meditation has been demonstrated as an effective practice by the world’s best athletes including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Olympic gold medal-winning volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

This makes complete sense when you consider the fact that the mind influences the way we move, behave, and perform on even the most subtle levels. The best athletes understand that their talent and skills won’t measure up if they aren’t mentally prepared come game day.



Being relaxed increases the ability to remain calm under pressure and also improves alertness. Emotional stimulation can abstruct the athletes focus and the physical functioning of their body, which will often lead to a less than desirable result.
A study reveals that heightened stress levels lead to increased muscle tension and a delay in response time.
A recent study published in the journal of health psychology showed that the results of meditation are typically associated with reduced stress levels in addition to decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This means that distraction or emotional turbulence can be set aside, enabling the athlete to focus on a sharp performance.


Sleep is the most important part of any physical work as this is when the body recovers and the mind can rest. Many athletes do not not get as much sleep as they should due to aches, pains, and high levels of stress. A lack of sleep has been shown to cause weight gain, negatively affect athletic performance, and result in an inability to focus. It can even lead to depression.

Athletes who are able to sleep better at night have been shown to perform better and experience better overall health. Improved quality and length of sleep are just another one of the great benefits of meditation.


The most common factor when it comes to low energy is mental exertion. Even if the athlete is not performing any physical work, you can be sure that their mind is always at work trying to figure out something. This leads to higher levels of activity, hence requirement of more energy takes place.

By practicing meditation that utilizes visualization, athletic endurance can be greatly improved. Athletes who visualize accomplishing a specific goal, combined with the practice of deep breathing can help to train the body to work harder and for a longer period of time.


Meditation in sports can help athletes conquer those common “blind spots” that tend to make performance challenges seem worse than they actually are. These blind spots negatively impact performance and meditation helps you recognize your blind spots. By recognizing these blind spots, you can work on improving your physical/mental training, skills, and coping mechanisms. Furthermore, the meditator learns to enhance awareness of each muscle, which can help pinpoint an injury and prevent further damage. Finally, meditation and sport can greatly improve the mind-muscle connection, allowing you to discover your optimal zone of performance.

Meditation in sports is not only helpful for performance, but can also aid athletes who experiences anxiety, depression and other mental health illness. The practice can help athletes through injury, as well as overcome challenges such as the transition back into sport or out of sport.